29th Day of November 2016

Today is bright, going smoothly so far, few headlines to take note; President-elect Donald Trump meet with Mitt Romney today, second meeting since Donald Trump became the president-elect. Romney is being considered for appointment in the upcoming Trump administration.  Hillary Clinton campaign team said to partake in the election recounts in some states  following the request made by Jill Stein.…

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Benefits of Documenting The Undocumented

For how long are we going to keep things the way they are? Only if we can start looking at issues from a non-partisan point of view, then we would begin to see the beneficial sides to our social issues. What benefits can a nation reap by documenting its undocumented citizens? The first benefit that comes to mind is that…

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What To Expect From Donald Trump’s Presidency

The 2016 presidential election is over now, Mr Donald Trump won the election and became the President-elect of the United States of America. Like him or not, here he comes January 20th, 2017. Regardless of the Party you voted for, you have the right to expect to be govern the right way, and it is okay to have certain expectations…

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BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE: Former President Olusegun Obasanjo’s Eighteen-Page Letter To President Goodluck Jonathan

“BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE I am constrained to make this an open letter to you for a number of reasons. One, the current situation and consequent possible outcome dictate that I should, before the door closes on reason and promotion of national interest, alert you to the danger that may be lurking in the corner. Two, none of the…

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Late Chief Obafemi Awolowo’s Letter From Prison To Major General Aguiyi Ironsi Dated March 28th 1966

This is a letter from the Premier of the old Western Region of Nigeria Chief Obafemi Awolowo to Major General Aguiyi Ironsi who was the Nigerian Head of State at the  time. The letter revealed the tribulations of Chief Awolowo and how he was pressing for his release and that of his colleagues. “CONFIDENTIAL To: The Supreme Commander and Head…

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I Suppose You Are A Democrat?

I suppose the maker of this short video clip is a Democrat. Everyone has a right to their own view of the world. I know for sure not everyone share the same political views with the video maker. During the second presidential debate, i expected some major blows coming from Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump but didn’t see nor hear…

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Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton: First Debate 2016

The first question a friend asked me after the first debate between Mr Trump and Secretary Hillary was to find out who won the debate. Without any doubt, agreeing on a winner should be very easy. Campaigning is not the same as debating. On the campaign trail, candidates talk and say whatever pleases them, or should I say whatever their…

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Too Faithful To Pray? Think Again 

Once before now, i got caught up in the idea of not needing to pray, a firm believer in predestination. Little did I know that The Supreme Being; God Almighty has a system too complex for a common man’s comprehension. But as i grew in theological understanding, i have come to the conclusion that prayer is a crucial component of…

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Nigerian-Stock-Exchange-NSE 600x450

Nigerian Stock Exchange 

Nigerian Stock Exchange is the major stock exchange in Nigeria with about 223 listed companies as of 2014. The other exchange in Nigeria is the Abuja Securities and Commodities Exchange located in Abuja. Although the Abuja Securities and Commodities Exchange is primarily involved in commodity trading. Nigerian Stock Exchange was initially established as the Lagos Stock Exchange in 1960, started operations in 1961…

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Three Ways To Acquire Bitcoins

Bitcoin issuance will be limited to 21 million bitcoins  the year 2140, now is the time to be part of Bitcoin ownership. There are several ways to go about acquiring bitcoins, but I will explain three most common ways of doing so. I will proceed to naming the three ways of acquiring bitcoins with the assumption that you are familier with what bitcoin is,…

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Complexity of Bitcoin Vs Traditional Online Banking

Even though bitcoin is considered an acceptable digital currency, with an increase in several merchants opting to accept bitcoin as a form of payment, but how convenient is spending and managing bitcoin wallets versus our traditional online banking? When analyzing the steps miners go through in getting every bitcoin transaction completed, it becomes clear how complex bitcoin networks are. Miners attempt to solve…

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